The Malayan jungle stands as one of the most daunting environments on Earth, boasting the distinction of being the oldest jungle known to mankind. Within its dense ecosystem resides a vast array of species, many of which are found exclusively in this region.

Enter Adam Thorn, an intrepid animal biologist and explorer whose quest leads him to seek out the enigmatic Malayan tapir, a creature both bizarre and beloved in his eyes. Often mistaken for an anteater, the tapir is in fact more closely related to the rhinoceros, yet shares a distant kinship with modern-day horses. With all five species of tapirs facing endangerment due to deforestation, the Malayan tapir, as the largest of its kind, is of particular concern.

Adam’s journey commences with a grueling six-hour boat ride along the river, providing the most accessible route deep into the heart of the jungle. Accompanied by his team, he ventures far from human habitation, knowing this offers the best chance of encountering the elusive tapir within the limited timeframe of five days before his return boat arrives.

As Adam delves deeper into the jungle, he encounters a mesmerizing array of exotic creatures, including a freshly molted snakeskin hinting at the rich biodiversity of the rainforest, home to nearly 300 species of reptiles. Despite this abundance, locating the elusive tapir proves to be a formidable challenge in the vast and unforgiving landscape.

Navigating through the terrain, Adam’s perseverance is tested as he confronts the harsh realities of the jungle, from treacherous river crossings to encounters with potentially dangerous wildlife. Yet, amidst the adversity, he discovers unexpected marvels, such as a newfound species of frog, adding to the tapestry of life in the jungle.

By his final night, Adam grapples with dwindling morale, coming to terms with the possibility that his quest may go unfulfilled. The outcome remains uncertain, inviting viewers to join him on his captivating journey to uncover the mysteries of the Malayan jungle and its elusive inhabitant, the tapir.

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