In this captivating documentary, Adam Thorn embarks on a daring expedition to Penang Island, delving deep into its lush rainforest in pursuit of an intriguing mystery surrounding a secluded temple and its enigmatic residents—venomous vipers.

Legend has it that the vipers inhabiting the temple grounds, nestled amidst the verdant foliage, have coexisted peacefully with humans for over a century. Despite their breathtaking beauty, these vipers possess a notorious reputation for their volatile temperament, yet within the temple’s confines, they exhibit an unexpected docility, purportedly induced by the perpetual aroma of incense.

Thorn’s quest takes him into the heart of the jungle, where human encroachment is minimal, and the secrets of these elusive creatures lie concealed. Descending steep hillsides and venturing into cavernous depths, Thorn explores the preferred habitats of the vipers, including caves inhabited by bats—a favored haunt for these serpentine predators.

Ascending to the lofty canopy, Thorn encounters territorial macaques and navigates through dense mangroves, tracking the elusive water monitor lizard, known to reach staggering lengths of up to two and a half meters. Undeterred by the challenges of the unforgiving wilderness, Thorn and his team press onward, braving the oppressive humidity and dense undergrowth in pursuit of their elusive quarry.

Throughout their expedition, they encounter a myriad of exotic creatures, each adding to the intrigue of their quest. Will Thorn unlock the secrets behind the temple vipers’ unusual behavior, unraveling the mysteries that shroud these enigmatic serpents?

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