Beneath the familiar facade of America lies a hidden nation – a population of modern nomads who have chosen to live a life on the move, away from the constraints of conventional society. In this captivating documentary, British writer Richard Grant embarks on a journey to explore the world of these contemporary nomads, traversing the diverse landscapes of deserts, forests, mountain ranges, and plains that make up the American wilderness.

Having moved to the USA over two decades ago, Grant found himself drawn to the culture of travelers and roadside America, where individuals pursue their own version of the American dream – one free from the trappings of traditional careers, mortgages, and suburban living. In his quest to understand this alternative way of life, Grant sets out on the road once more, guided by his own intuition and the serendipity of chance encounters.

Throughout his journey, Grant encounters a diverse array of nomadic tribes, from solitary wanderers to tight-knit groups, each with their own unique stories and perspectives. Traveling across the vast deserts of the southwest, he immerses himself in the nomadic way of life, gaining insights into the freedom, challenges, and sense of community that define this unconventional existence.

With each unplanned meeting and unexpected adventure, Grant delves deeper into the essence of nomadic living, shedding light on a hidden world that exists alongside, yet separate from, mainstream society. Through his lens, viewers are invited to explore the untamed spirit of America and the enduring allure of life on the open road.

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