In August 2012, a disturbing incident unfolded in the small town of Steubenville, Ohio, during a party. A group of football players took advantage of an underage girl, subjecting her to sexual assault while she was unconscious. Shockingly, the town rallied to protect the perpetrators, who were star football players, choosing to keep the incident concealed.

The truth might have remained hidden if not for the intervention of the renowned hacker collective, Anonymous. Incensed by the town’s complicity, Anonymous hacked into Steubenville High School’s website, posting a video exposing the assault and issuing a warning to reveal the identities of those involved.

Despite the town’s initial reluctance to acknowledge the crime, some individuals refused to stay silent. Utilizing social media platforms, they amplified the call for justice, tagging organizations and sharing information to shed light on the atrocity. A public rally was organized, drawing a crowd of supporters demanding accountability.

The situation escalated when a video surfaced, capturing the events of the assault, sparking widespread outrage. Initially met with protests from the town, which felt unfairly judged, a pivotal moment occurred during a subsequent rally. Women began bravely sharing their own experiences of sexual assault, revealing a community grappling with a deeper issue than initially realized.

In this documentary, witness the unfolding of a town’s reckoning with its complicity, as residents confront uncomfortable truths and grapple with the pervasive issue of sexual assault.

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