Bananas may be America’s favorite fruit, but few know the dark reality behind their production. Banana Land offers a compelling glimpse into the hidden world of banana cultivation, revealing a landscape marred by exploitation and environmental degradation.

While bananas are beloved for their affordability, their low cost comes at a steep price. The documentary exposes the use of cheap pesticides, abusive labor practices, and lax environmental standards that characterize the industry.

At the heart of the issue lies the history of the United Fruit Company (UFC), which monopolized the banana trade in 1899. Through partnerships with repressive regimes in Central America, the UFC maintained its grip on the market, resorting to violence to quash dissent among workers.

Today, the legacy of these practices persists, with companies like Chiquita Corporation implicated in supporting paramilitary groups to protect their interests. Banana Land features interviews with experts who shed light on the ongoing injustices faced by workers in the industry.

Through powerful storytelling and unflinching footage, the documentary unveils the harsh realities concealed beneath the glossy veneer of banana marketing campaigns. It serves as a stark reminder of the human cost of corporate greed and the urgent need for change.

Directed by: Jason Glaser, Diego Lopez

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