Part 1: Chicago’s Gang Warfare

Chicago’s streets have become a battleground due to the deadly mix of gangs and firearms. This documentary delves into the heart of the issue, exploring why the city, now nicknamed “Chiraq,” witnessed the highest homicide rate in the country back in 2012. VICE takes viewers to the most perilous areas of Chicago, where handguns are easily accessible, and law enforcement, along with community leaders, struggles to contain gang-related violence. From the neighborhoods of Englewood to the efforts of police patrols, religious figures, and gang members, the film sheds light on a turf war that has permeated new communities as urban projects are demolished and residents are displaced.

Part 2: Nigeria’s Oil Crisis

In today’s Niger Delta, a convergence of factors including rampant unemployment, political corruption, and the inequitable distribution of oil wealth has created a dire situation. This documentary exposes the harsh reality of life in the region, where oil theft has evolved into a lucrative enterprise, costing oil companies billions annually. Moreover, this illicit activity has led to the contamination of coastal farmlands and fisheries, devastating the lives and livelihoods of local inhabitants. VICE’s journey to Africa’s oil-producing hub unveils the operations of oil thieves who refine and sell stolen oil in West Africa. Additionally, the film follows the legal battle of a farmer seeking justice against a foreign oil corporation accused of poisoning his family’s land.

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