“The True Story of the Internet” is a riveting exploration of the technological, cultural, commercial, and social revolution brought about by the Internet. Through firsthand accounts from the trailblazers themselves – including the founders of eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape, Google, and more – viewers gain insight into the rapid transformation that occurred over a mere decade.

From humble beginnings as computer enthusiasts to becoming 21st-century visionaries, these pioneers share their remarkable journeys from obscurity to untold wealth. The storytelling is intimate and engaging, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the battles, breakthroughs, and humorous anecdotes that shaped the Internet as we know it today.

Hosted by technology journalist John Heileman, known for his edgy and energetic style, “Download” delivers a narrative infused with excitement and intrigue. As Heileman navigates the narratives of Silicon Valley’s most influential figures, viewers are treated to a captivating saga where overnight billionaires, wealth creation, and technological innovation collide.

The documentary unfolds across four compelling episodes:

  1. Browser Wars: Witness the epic clash between America’s corporate giants and a group of pioneering computer geeks who revolutionized technology.
  2. Search: Explore the meteoric rise of Google and the transformative impact of its groundbreaking approach to information retrieval.
  3. Bubble: Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Pierre Omidyar of eBay recount their journeys from humble beginnings to dominating the global economy, reshaping the way people live in the process.
  4. People Power: Delve into the societal impact of the Internet and the emergence of a new generation of digital entrepreneurs, beginning with the disruptive rise of Napster and its teenage creator, Shawn Fanning.

Prepare to see the Internet in a whole new light as “The True Story of the Internet” unveils the thrilling saga behind its creation and evolution.

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