“Exit Afghanistan” is a thought-provoking documentary produced by VPRO, Tegenlicht, directed by Mariusz Pilis and Olaf Oudheusden. Delving into the complexities of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, the film poses crucial questions about the justification and necessity of the Western military presence in the region.

Despite over eight years of Western intervention and the establishment of a government in Kabul, Afghanistan continues to struggle with security, peace, and development. Through interviews with warlords, diplomats, Taliban leaders, and ordinary Afghans, “Exit Afghanistan” explores the elusive goals of the West in this war-torn nation with a turbulent history.

The documentary raises critical inquiries about the true intentions of the Western allied forces and challenges viewers to reflect on the effectiveness of foreign military intervention in Afghanistan. Featuring insights from notable figures like Richard Holbrooke, Lakhdar Brahimi, and Ahmed Rashid, along with a historical perspective provided by renowned Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk, “Exit Afghanistan” offers a comprehensive examination of the multifaceted issues at play in the Afghan conflict.

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