The documentary “Four Horsemen” presents a stark assessment of America’s societal and institutional problems, warning of the impending collapse of the American dream. Drawing parallels with the decline of Ancient Rome, the film highlights growing inequality, abuses of power, currency devaluation, and a sense of societal complacency reminiscent of historical empires on the brink of collapse.

While some comparisons may seem exaggerated, such as linking celebrity chefs to societal decline, the overarching message resonates deeply. The film identifies four key issues as the modern-day “four horsemen”: financial corruption, escalating violence, widespread poverty, and environmental degradation. At the heart of these crises lies a new morality centered around money, leading to unchecked corporate greed and political corruption.

The documentary suggests that capitalism, in its current form, may be unsustainable, with financial institutions prioritizing self-interest over societal well-being. Politicians are depicted as beholden to corporate interests, using wars as profit-driven ventures rather than serving the public good.

Perhaps most concerning is the general acceptance of misinformation by the American public, resulting in a lack of meaningful protest or resistance against systemic injustices. “Four Horsemen” aims to educate and mobilize viewers, urging them to question the status quo and advocate for meaningful change in the face of impending societal collapse.

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