Dive into the timeless wisdom of the world’s greatest philosophers with our playlist, “How to Live: Philosophy.” In this captivating series, we delve into the profound insights of iconic thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, and Nietzsche, whose teachings remain as relevant today as ever. From love and conflict to spirituality and the essence of humanity, each segment offers a thought-provoking exploration of life’s most profound questions.

Jean-Paul Sartre, a leading figure in the existentialist movement, challenges conventional norms and perceptions with his unyielding critique of capitalism and societal conformity. Through his writings, Sartre urges individuals to break free from the constraints of greed and embrace the liberating power of freedom.

Centuries before Sartre, Francois de La Rochefoucauld offered a more cynical perspective on human nature, drawing from his own experiences of hardship and adversity. His concise aphorisms cut to the heart of complex emotions, revealing the darker aspects of love and kindness.

Each segment of “How to Live: Philosophy” provides a concise yet profound overview of the ideologies of influential thinkers like Ludwig Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Epicurus, and the Stoics. These philosophical insights offer timeless guidance on navigating the complexities of human existence, shedding light on truths that resonate with us all.

Through this series, viewers are invited to embark on a journey of enlightenment, gaining valuable perspectives on life’s fundamental questions and enriching their understanding of the human experience.

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