Delve into the intriguing exploration of Social Control in this documentary, which delves into its history, philosophy, and the intricate pathology of elite power.

“Human Resources” may appear rough around the edges, but it’s packed with invaluable insights. Allocate ample time to absorb its content and consider taking notes along the way.

Scott Noble skillfully condenses ten hours of material into a concise two-hour presentation. He allows ample room for the individuals he interviews to express their ideas, resulting in a wealth of diverse perspectives. While some interviews may feel prolonged or meandering, such instances are infrequent.

Despite its limitations, “Human Resources” offers an expansive view of its subject matter, positioning it as one of the most ambitious entries in its genre. It surpasses works like “The Century of the Self” in comprehensiveness while maintaining a more balanced tone compared to the “Zeitgeist” franchise.

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