In the wake of Saddam Hussein’s overthrow, the British and American coalition received a monumental task from the United Nations: overseeing more than $20 billion in funds meant for the people of Iraq. However, what followed was a catastrophic mismanagement of these funds, with billions of dollars disappearing without a trace.

In the documentary, Dr. Ali Fadhil, a young Iraqi doctor, embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind the missing billions and the dire consequences of placing such vast sums of money in the hands of the U.S.-led coalition. What he discovers is a disturbing tale of corruption and fraud, fueled by the allure of immense profits in post-war Iraq.

With little to no oversight, foreign contractors descended upon Iraq, eager to capitalize on the reconstruction efforts. Deals were struck hastily, and projects were initiated without proper accountability. As Frank Willis, a senior member of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), candidly admits, the coalition failed in its duty as trustees by allowing funds to line the pockets of foreign businesses instead of benefiting the Iraqi people.

The consequences of this mismanagement are dire. Despite the influx of funds, Iraq’s essential services have deteriorated, with electricity, oil production, and clean water all in short supply. The documentary paints a damning picture of a reconstruction effort marred by greed and incompetence, leaving Iraq in a state worse off than before the war.

Through Dr. Fadhil’s investigation and firsthand accounts, viewers are confronted with the stark realities of corruption and its devastating impact on a nation struggling to rebuild amidst chaos and instability.

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