Dive into the exploration of the Democratic Party’s historical role as a barrier to social movements, the pervasive influence of corporate finance in elections, and the stark wealth disparities in the United States. “Lifting the Veil” goes beyond mere voting to reveal the continuity and intensification of neoconservative policies under Obama, while also examining differing interpretations of democracy itself.

This groundbreaking film, “Lifting the Veil,” is a timely exposĂ© that boldly reveals the hypocrisy of U.S. domestic and foreign policies in the 21st century. It instills viewers with a sense of urgency and empowers them with tangible hope for effecting real systemic change before it’s too late for humanity and our planet.

Scott Noble’s innovative filmmaking approach combines incisive analysis, compelling audiovisual elements, fearless independent reporting, and the curation of top-tier information into impactful, educational, and freely accessible feature films—all achieved on a limited budget.

Viewer discretion is advised: This video contains graphic imagery depicting the harsh realities and horrors of war.

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