In Mexico, the grip of violence tightens as rival drug cartels clash over control of smuggling routes to the United States. Despite the government’s declaration of war on these criminal organizations, the outcome seems only to be a surge in bloodshed and chaos.

With over 7,000 lives claimed by drug-related violence in 2009 alone, the beginning of 2010 paints a similarly grim picture. At the center of this turmoil is Chapo Guzman, the elusive leader of Mexico’s most influential drug cartel. Despite relentless efforts to capture him, Guzman remains at large, evading authorities and continuing his illicit operations.

Renowned journalist Katya Adler ventures deep into the heart of this harrowing conflict, revealing the human toll behind the senseless violence. Through intimate stories, she sheds light on the profound impact of this crisis on ordinary lives, raising crucial questions about the effectiveness of the government’s anti-drug efforts.

As Guzman’s legend grows, fueled by folk songs and rumors of his lavish lifestyle, Adler confronts the unsettling reality: Is the government’s inability to apprehend him a testament to the ineffectiveness of its approach to combating organized crime?

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