“Paradise or Oblivion,” a documentary by The Venus Project, delves into the underlying causes of systemic value disorders and the harmful symptoms stemming from our current societal structure.

Presenting the vision of Social Engineer, Futurist, Inventor, and Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco, the film advocates for a Resource-Based Economy—a socio-economic system grounded in present-day knowledge and technological advancements.

Rejecting outdated political, legal, and business paradigms, the documentary emphasizes the importance of applying scientific principles and advanced technology to meet the needs of all individuals worldwide.

Unlike traditional systems influenced by political and financial elites, this proposed model aims for a dynamic equilibrium with the planet, offering abundance to humanity as a whole.

“Paradise or Oblivion” introduces viewers to a value system aligned with holistic and caring principles necessary for the advancement of human civilization. It proposes an alternative to the current monetary-driven, controlled, and scarcity-focused environment.

This documentary serves as an introduction to The Venus Project’s objectives and proposals, paving the way for a future major motion picture project. Related content includes “Future By Design.”

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