Entomologist Dr. George McGavin and leafcutter expert Prof. Adam Hart are embarking on an unprecedented project: revealing the hidden world of ants. Over six months of planning, they’ve constructed a new home for one million of nature’s most remarkable creatures – ants. These tiny insects captivate us with their complex societies, drawing intriguing parallels to our own world.

Their ambitious endeavor involves bringing a working colony of leafcutter ants from the tropics of Central America to Glasgow. In a specially recreated nest, scientists will observe every aspect of their lives for one month. Through tracking, listening, and close observation, they aim to uncover the secrets of these industrious insects. Additionally, they’ll venture beyond Glasgow to explore other remarkable ant species and their contributions to solving global challenges.

Despite Glasgow being an unconventional setting for leafcutter ants, the science center there will serve as the stage for this groundbreaking project. Inspired by the ants’ natural habitat, scientists have meticulously designed an environment to meet their needs, including food sources and foraging opportunities. As the ants are released into their new world, researchers eagerly anticipate observing how they navigate and shape their surroundings over the coming month.

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