The correlation between teenage depression and social media usage is striking, with the suicide rate among teens showing a concerning increase over the past few decades. Experts highlight a significant uptick in depression and anxiety rates, particularly among girls under 17, as well as a surge in hospital admissions for eating disorders among teenagers in recent years.

Social media platforms, originally intended for connectivity and inclusivity, have morphed into something potentially perilous. Algorithms tailored to exploit human vulnerabilities often leave users feeling disheartened and despondent after mere minutes of scrolling. Despite this, the allure of a dopamine hit keeps individuals hooked, perpetuating a cycle of screen time dependency.

Moreover, the boundless access afforded by social media fosters a reliance on it as a coping mechanism, blurring the line between virtual and real-life interactions. Beneath the fa├žade of connectivity lies a profit-driven agenda, with algorithms designed to maximize user engagement and ad revenue.

The insidious nature of social media’s influence extends to its potential to stoke conflict, resentment, and aggression among users, all in the pursuit of prolonged screen time.

This documentary delves into the covert toxicity of social media, shedding light on its detrimental effects on mental health and societal well-being.

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