In Britain, the proliferation of faith schools is a growing concern, with approximately 7,000 publicly-funded schools, accounting for one in three, now affiliated with religious institutions.

Amidst the government’s endorsement of “free schools,” promoting the expansion of faith-based education, renowned atheist and evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins issues a compelling call to action.

In this impassioned documentary, Dawkins challenges the societal implications of faith education, asserting that it confuses parents, indoctrinates children, and fosters division.

Through candid dialogues with figures like former Secretary of State for Education Charles Clarke, Reverend Janina Ainsworth of the Church of England Education Service, and Dr Mohammed Mukadam, Chair of the Association of Muslim Schools, Dawkins engages in robust debate.

The film delves into the perspectives of child psychologists, stakeholders in faith education, as well as parents and students, providing a comprehensive exploration of the issue.

Drawing from his own experiences as a father, Dawkins advocates for an end to government funding for new faith schools, emphasizing the importance of respecting a child’s right to freedom of belief.

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