Part 1: Senegalese Laamb Wrestling

In Senegal, a West African nation known for its vibrant culture, the most celebrated sport isn’t soccer but rather laamb wrestling. Combining Greco-Roman wrestling techniques with colorful pre-fight rituals and dances, laamb has captured the hearts of many. Its popularity has soared amidst economic challenges, with top wrestlers achieving celebrity status akin to that of sports legends like Michael Jordan. VICE travels to Mbao to meet Bombardier, a laamb star and hometown hero, to explore both the physical and spiritual dimensions of the sport. Our correspondent even takes on the challenge of training for his debut in the ring.

Part 2: The World is Sinking

As climate change accelerates, the global sea level has risen by 22 centimeters over the past century, with projections indicating even faster increases in the future. Evidence of this phenomenon is starkly visible in places like Venice, where St. Mark’s Square is submerged for a significant portion of the year. Similarly, the Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, faces the looming threat of being swallowed by rising waters. VICE’s journey takes us from Europe to the Maldives and then to New York, where the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of unchecked climate change and sea level rise.

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