Series - Fault Lines

Fault Lines is a captivating American current affairs and documentary television series aired on Al Jazeera English. Since its debut in November 2009, the show has gained recognition for its in-depth investigative reporting, particularly focusing on stories from the United States and the broader Americas region. Through compelling storytelling and rigorous journalism, Fault Lines delves into pressing issues, shedding light on the complexities of American society and its global influence.

With a keen emphasis on investigative storytelling, Fault Lines tackles a wide range of topics, from social justice and human rights to geopolitics and environmental issues. By exploring the United States’ role in the world, the program offers viewers a nuanced understanding of contemporary challenges and their far-reaching implications.

Through its thought-provoking narratives and insightful analysis, Fault Lines aims to spark meaningful conversations and inspire positive change. By uncovering untold stories and amplifying diverse voices, the series serves as a platform for critical dialogue and informed engagement.