Series - People & Power

“People & Power” is a weekly current affairs program on Al Jazeera English, airing every Wednesday with repeats throughout the week. It is also broadcasted on Al Jazeera America once a week on Thursdays.

Each episode, running for half an hour, presents an investigative documentary focusing on global issues related to power dynamics. Additionally, the program occasionally features one-hour specials for more in-depth coverage.

Launched on November 15, 2006, alongside the inception of Al Jazeera English, “People & Power” initially had Shereen El Feki as the presenter. However, in March 2007, she was succeeded by Samah El-Shahat, a development economist. Juliana Ruhfus, the main reporter, and occasional presenter, kicked off the program with her documentary on ex-combatants in Liberia on the day of Al Jazeera’s launch.

The show introduced regular segments like ‘If I had the Power’, where people on the street shared their aspirations if they held the power of President George W. Bush for a day. Additionally, ‘Power of One’ segments spotlighted individuals who made significant impacts on their communities. These segments are no longer part of the show.

“People & Power” has undergone a significant relaunch since its inception.