Series - This World

“This World” is a thought-provoking current affairs program produced by the BBC and aired on BBC Two in the United Kingdom since January 4, 2004. It also reaches a global audience through BBC World News on various digital platforms, satellite, and cable networks in numerous countries. The show delves into social issues and explores current affairs stories from around the globe, offering viewers insights into diverse topics shaping our world.

Launched in early 2004, “This World” replaced the previous program, Correspondent. Its announcement in December 2003 generated anticipation among audiences, and it quickly gained traction upon its debut. The series aims to provide in-depth coverage of pressing social issues and significant events unfolding worldwide.

Gypsy Child Thieves

Gypsy Child Thieves For centuries, the Roma community has endured societal marginalization and harsh discrimination. Many have been forced to resort to begging and theft...