Explore the bitter truth behind the sweet taste of chocolate in this eye-opening documentary. While consumers indulge in their favorite treats, African children endure a starkly different reality. In 2001, revelations of child labor, slavery, and trafficking on cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast shocked the world. Outraged consumers demanded answers and solutions.

US Congress members Senator Tom Harkin and Representative Eliot Engel proposed legislation to certify and label chocolate products as slave-free. This posed a threat to major chocolate manufacturers like Cargill, Mars, Hershey’s, and Nestle. To avoid mandatory labeling, the industry agreed to a voluntary protocol to end abusive child labor by 2005.

However, the chocolate industry failed to meet the protocol’s terms by 2005, leading to new deadlines in 2008 and 2010. Despite millions spent by concerned governments and foundations, has anything truly changed almost a decade later?

Join filmmakers Miki Mistrati and U Roberto Romano as they conduct a behind-the-scenes investigation to uncover the ongoing reality of child labor and trafficking in the international cocoa trade.

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