Delving deep into the obscured annals of history, this documentary unveils the clandestine agenda of The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), meticulously weaving together archival footage to draw connections to the contemporary landscape.

With a piercing gaze, it lays bare the stark reality that every major war in US history has been built upon a foundation of deception, with insiders themselves confessing to the fraud. The film unearths how the inception of propaganda dates back over a century, utilizing the nascent film theaters to manipulate public sentiment and incite fervor for the Spanish-American War.

Drawing from the white papers of the oil giant Unocal, the documentary elucidates the blueprint for a pipeline traversing Afghanistan, highlighting the eerie alignment of their ambitions with the subsequent US invasion of the region.

In a jaw-dropping revelation, the film exposes the exorbitant spending spree undertaken by Halliburton under their “cost plus” contract with the US Government. Evoking imagery reminiscent of the film Brewster’s Millions, Halliburton squandered billions of dollars, resorting to the absurd practice of incinerating lavish vehicles worth millions for even minor malfunctions.

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