In his exploration of globalization’s true impact, Pilger focuses on Indonesia, once hailed as a model student of globalization until its economy collapsed in 1998. The documentary delves into the use of sweatshop factories by well-known brands, prompting critical inquiries: Who truly benefits from the globalized economy?

Pilger probes into the question of who wields power in today’s world. Are governments still in control, or have a few massive corporations taken the reins? Astonishing statistics are revealed; for instance, the Ford Motor Company surpasses the economy of South Africa in size, while individuals like Bill Gates possess wealth greater than that of entire African nations. The film exposes the widening gap between the rich and poor, with two-thirds of the world’s children living in poverty.

Examining the new global power players — multinational corporations, and the governmental and institutional entities supporting them such as the IMF and the World Bank — the documentary reveals the consequences of IMF policies, which often result in widespread job losses and economic instability. Behind the facade of modern shopping and popular brands lies a sweatshop economy replicated across various nations.

Journeying to Indonesia and Washington, the film raises challenging questions rarely addressed in mainstream media, shedding light on the dark side of globalization. Candid interviews with key figures from the World Bank and the IMF offer insights into the scandalous realities of global economic policies.

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