Discover the gripping saga of the fossil fuel industry’s impact on climate change in the first installment of “The Power of Big Oil,” a groundbreaking three-part docuseries by FRONTLINE. Delve into the intricate history of how the fossil fuel giants have sowed doubt and hindered action on climate change, shaping the trajectory of environmental policy for decades.

Uncover the layers of deception and inaction surrounding the climate crisis as “The Power of Big Oil” exposes the complicity of scientists, corporations, and politicians in perpetuating denial and delaying meaningful solutions. Through meticulous research and compelling storytelling, this docuseries lays bare the missed opportunities and systemic failures that have allowed the climate crisis to escalate unchecked.

Join us as we journey through the annals of climate science and policy, confronting the stark realities of human-caused climate change and the urgent need for decisive action. Through a lens of accountability and truth, “The Power of Big Oil” confronts the forces at play behind the climate crisis and challenges viewers to reckon with the profound implications for the planet and future generations.

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