Delve into a compelling and enlightening exploration of the exploitation, double standards, and widespread violence perpetuated by plutocracy and empire. This documentary offers profound insights, rooted in history and meticulously relevant to contemporary events.

Unveiling the intricate web of the United States’ foreign policy, this film uncovers the nexus of political economy, the Mafia principle, propaganda, ideology, and the exertion of violence and force. It meticulously reveals how this policy serves the interests of powerful corporations and a select elite, driven solely by the pursuit of profit and the expansion of imperialistic dominance.

Internally, this documentary exposes the mechanisms behind the cultivation of fear within the United States, painting sinister enemies like the Soviet Union and Communists, juxtaposed with a romanticized portrayal of “free markets,” “democracy,” and “freedom.”

Externally, and increasingly internally, the consequences of this policy are starkly evident – marked by widespread poverty, suffering, genocide, warfare, coups, the suppression of unions and grassroots movements, and significant environmental degradation.

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