During the era of the British Empire, London reigned as the world’s foremost financial hub. However, as colonial sentiments shifted and territories sought independence, London’s financial dominance waned. The documentary, The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire, explores how Britain adapted to maintain its global financial power amidst these changes and the lasting impact on our world today.

Following the decline of the empire, the City of London banking network expanded its influence by establishing offshore jurisdictions to shield wealth from scrutiny. Engaging in unregulated lending and illicit activities like fraud, tax evasion, and arms trading, this network amassed vast fortunes at the expense of poorer nations, hindering their development.

The film contrasts two facets of London: the idealized image propagated by some, and the reality of a shadowy financial market evading international regulations. Whistleblowers, insiders, and activists shed light on the entrenched protection afforded to bankers and the staggering sums stashed away in tax havens, many of which are British.

This system disproportionately benefits the wealthy elite while ordinary citizens struggle. Through authentic footage and insights from financial experts, The Spider’s Web provides a meticulously researched examination of a complex global conspiracy.

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