Exploring the intricate world of international tax evasion, Backlight’s documentary “Where Do Multinationals Pay Taxes and How Much?” delves into the secretive realm of tax havens and the elaborate schemes employed by corporations to minimize their tax obligations. With insights from leading tax experts, the film sheds light on notorious tax havens such as the Cayman Islands, as well as the complex strategies known as the ‘Cayman Special’, ‘Double Irish’, and ‘Dutch Sandwich’.

Operating in the shadows of the financial world, these schemes facilitate the swift movement of capital across borders, enabling multinational corporations to evade paying their fair share of taxes. “The Tax Free Tour” presents an economic thriller, revealing the systemic risks posed to governments and citizens by widespread tax avoidance practices. As the documentary poses the question of whether this is the inevitable consequence of globalized capitalism, it also introduces the online game “Taxodus” by Femke Herregraven. Through “Taxodus”, players can assume the role of a multinational corporation and strategize to minimize their tax liabilities on a global scale.

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