The heartbeat of Wall Street is driven by technology, where behind the scenes, cyber geeks hold significant sway over the global financial system. In “The Wall Street Code,” part of the acclaimed VPRO Backlight documentary series, viewers are offered a glimpse into this secretive world, shedding light on the individuals who wield immense influence over the market.

At the forefront of the investigation is Haim Bodek, a notable Wall Street whistleblower. With a background in mathematics and physics, Bodek pioneered algorithmic trading, revolutionizing the process with high-frequency trading (HFT), enabling lightning-fast order processing. However, upon discovering manipulation within his own code, Bodek courageously exposes the rigged system he inadvertently helped to create, risking his career and reputation in the process.

Bodek’s captivating journey forms the backbone of the documentary, which also features other prominent figures such as Thomas Peterffy, CEO of Interactive Brokers Group, and Eric Hunsader, a vocal critic of high-frequency trading. Through interviews and expert analysis, the film delves into the intricate world of programming code and financial misconduct, yet remains accessible to viewers of all backgrounds.

Ultimately, “The Wall Street Code” argues that the financial system’s reliance on technology has led to a level of complexity that benefits a select few, perpetuating inequality and manipulation. To enact meaningful change, the documentary advocates for greater transparency and simplification within the financial sector.

Directed by: Marije Meerman

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