Experience the heart of financial power in America with “Welcome to Wall Street,” a revealing exploration of the influential forces shaping the nation’s politics and policies. Situated at the core of global finance, the New York Stock Exchange serves as the hub for globally oriented financial firms, wielding significant sway over the country’s political landscape.

Unencumbered by electoral mandates, these financial entities actively seek to undermine regulatory measures and legislative oversight imposed by Congress. Operating in the shadows, alongside other formidable forces such as the media, military-industrial complex, and corporate giants, Wall Street represents just one facet of the un-elected yet immensely powerful entities shaping the nation’s trajectory.

Delving deeper than mainstream media narratives, this documentary poses a critical question often overlooked: Who truly holds the reins of power in America? Gain insight into the intricacies of the nation’s democratic governance system and uncover the hidden forces dictating its course.

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