Delve into the profound exploration of a needed transition away from the prevailing socioeconomic monetary system that governs global society in this feature-length documentary.

This documentary transcends cultural relativism and conventional ideologies, focusing instead on the fundamental, empirical attributes essential for human and social survival. It extrapolates these immutable natural laws into a visionary new social paradigm termed a Resource-Based Economy.

Building upon the groundwork laid by “Zeitgeist: The Movie,” “Zeitgeist: Addendum,” “Zeitgeist Movement Activist and Orientation Guide,” and “Moving Forward,” this film reinforces and elucidates the concepts introduced in those works. It provides a crystal-clear examination of the conditioning that shapes our behavior, critiques the failures of the monetary/market system, discusses the resulting socio-economic collapse, and proposes the transition into a resource-based economy for the betterment of humankind (assuming survival).

Addressing lingering questions from “Addendum,” this documentary challenges skeptics who attempt to debunk its ideas, likening such attempts to questioning science itself.

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