In our increasingly interconnected world, the grip of surveillance tightens around our daily lives, eroding the very notion of privacy. This documentary delves into the pervasive encroachment of the surveillance state and its profound implications for society.

As technology advances at a rapid pace, promising convenience and innovation, it also paves the way for heightened scrutiny and control. The film explores how this surveillance apparatus extends its reach into every facet of our existence, from our online activities to our physical movements in the real world.

While technology offers the allure of empowerment and connectivity, it also raises pressing questions about the erosion of personal freedoms and the preservation of privacy. Are we sacrificing fundamental liberties in the name of progress?

Through in-depth investigation and interviews, filmmaker Peter Vlemmix confronts the reality of privacy in the digital age. From the Netherlands, where attitudes toward privacy diverge from those of other European nations, Vlemmix probes the extent to which citizens are under constant surveillance. Are we truly living in a techno-utopia, or is our digital dream giving way to a dystopian reality?

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