“Square One: Michael Jackson” is a compelling documentary that dives deep into the allegations of child sexual abuse against the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Directed by Danny Wu and produced independently, this documentary offers a critical examination of the accusations that have surrounded Jackson for decades.

Released in 2019, “Square One: Michael Jackson” presents a thorough investigation into the timeline of events, legal proceedings, and media coverage surrounding the allegations. Through interviews with legal experts, journalists, and individuals close to the case, the documentary sheds light on the inconsistencies and lack of evidence in the accusations against Jackson.

This thought-provoking film challenges viewers to reconsider the narrative surrounding Michael Jackson and encourages a closer examination of the factors that have influenced public perception. By presenting alternative viewpoints and scrutinizing the media’s portrayal of the allegations, “Square One: Michael Jackson” invites audiences to question the validity of the accusations and the role of sensationalism in shaping public opinion.

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