In an era teeming with groundbreaking ideas about human rights, economic systems, and governance, a generation arose as the architects of a revolutionary nation. “The Revolution” unveils the journey of these pioneers who sculpted a nation like never before seen.

From the seeds of rebellion to the triumph at Yorktown and the birth of the United States Constitution, this documentary recounts the remarkable tale of a pivotal epoch in American history.

Venturing beyond the usual cast of characters, The History Channel introduces a diverse array of individuals who left an indelible mark on this momentous conflict, including overlooked heroes whose contributions were instrumental.

Through vivid recreations, in-depth biographical inquiries, and insightful analysis, “The Revolution” injects vitality into one of America’s most transformative periods.


  1. Boston, Bloody Boston: Dive into the controversies and conflicts leading to war, including the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Battles of Lexington and Concord.
  2. Rebellion to Revolution: Explore the siege of Boston, the formation of the Continental Army, and the conscription of slaves by both sides.
  3. Declaring Independence: Witness the dark and devastating struggles of 1776 as the dream of independence is challenged.
  4. American Crisis: Follow General George Washington’s daring gambles to save his army and America.
  5. Path to World War: Experience Benjamin Franklin’s efforts to rally French support and pivotal battles like Saratoga.
  6. Forging an Army: Join Washington’s struggle to sustain and rebuild his forces at Valley Forge.
  7. Treason & Betrayal: Uncover the shocking betrayal of General Benedict Arnold.
  8. The War Heads South: Witness the British siege of Charleston and the Southern theater of war.
  9. Hornet’s Nest: Explore the eruption of war in the Southern Colonies.
  10. The End Game: Experience the climax of the struggle for independence as both sides tire of the war.
  11. Becoming a Nation: Follow King George III’s forced concessions and Washington’s disbanding of the Continental Army.
  12. Road to the Presidency: Witness Washington’s transition from wartime leader to president-elect.
  13. A President and His Revolution: Reflect with Washington on defining moments in the revolution as he prepares for his inauguration.

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