Heroes and Horses is a transformative program designed to aid combat veterans in their healing journey. With 20% of veterans battling PTSD falling into drug addiction, this initiative offers a path to rediscover purpose and meaning in life.

Sixteen carefully selected mustangs become pivotal partners in this process, chosen for qualities that align with the program’s objectives. The first phase, inoculation, sees experienced horsemen and trainers guiding these wild beings to trust humans, fostering a deeper connection in preparation for the next stage.

Gone are the days of force and intimidation; instead, the program emphasizes building relationships with the horses. Through teamwork and community, the application phase unfolds with a 500-mile journey, allowing participants to bond with their equine companions amidst the natural beauty of New Mexico and Arizona.

Integration marks the final phase, pairing each horse with a veteran, symbolizing a shared journey of purpose and self-discovery. Many veterans grapple with the misconception that life owes them happiness post-service, but the program encourages them to reclaim their identity beyond their scars and embrace personal growth.

Just as the mustangs embark on their defining journey, participants confront pivotal moments of self-reflection, choosing between being bystanders to life’s challenges or taking proactive steps towards personal fulfillment. Through shared experiences and newfound connections, Heroes and Horses offers veterans the opportunity to rewrite their stories and embrace a brighter future.

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