Explore the clandestine world of the CIA and its covert operations in this eye-opening documentary. From deadly missions to provocative maneuvers that set the stage for global conflict, the CIA’s activities extend far beyond the borders of the United States. Drawing from a rich history of imperial powers and intelligence agencies, the CIA’s origins can be traced back to the OSS, established during World War II.

Following the war, President Harry Truman restructured the intelligence community, giving rise to the Central Intelligence Group, initially focused on intelligence analysis rather than covert operations. However, within a few years, the Office of Policy Coordination emerged as a clandestine arm, responsible for propaganda, economic warfare, and subversion against hostile states.

Led by figures like Frank Wisner, a prominent Wall Street lawyer, the CIA’s covert operators navigated a complex landscape of international politics and intrigue. With a small number of specialists in international affairs, many of whom had backgrounds in banking and law, the CIA wielded immense power in shaping the course of history.

From its inception, the CIA operated in secrecy, its existence concealed from the public eye. Yet its influence extended across the globe, shaping events and shaping the geopolitical landscape. This documentary sheds light on the shadowy world of intelligence operations and raises important questions about accountability, transparency, and the role of intelligence agencies in a democratic society.

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