In the chilling Arctic landscape, Dutch adventurer Wim Hof embarks on an unprecedented feat: running a full 26-mile marathon clad only in shorts and sandals, with temperatures plummeting below freezing.

With nine world records for enduring extreme cold already under his belt, this daring endeavor pushes the boundaries of human endurance to new heights. Exposing his body to temperatures as low as -25°C for over four hours presents an extraordinary challenge, one that even experts doubt can be overcome by mere mortals.

This documentary delves into Wim’s rigorous preparations in Amsterdam, where he undertakes midnight dips in icy canals and meditates in a sub-zero meat freezer. It also explores the impact of Wim’s extreme lifestyle on his family, revealing the tensions that arise as they accompany him on this perilous journey.

As Wim and his family journey north for the marathon, anticipation and apprehension loom large. The magnitude of this challenge is not lost on anyone, as Wim ventures into uncharted territory, pushing the limits of human resilience like never before.

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