In 1936, a Russian Old Believer family sought refuge deep within Siberia’s vast taiga to escape persecution and safeguard their beliefs. The Lykovs eventually found solace in the Sayan Mountains, where they settled far from civilization.

Living in isolation, the Lykovs led a secluded life, with two children born during their time in the wilderness. Their existence remained hidden until 1978 when a helicopter pilot stumbled upon their remote dwelling while flying a geological group into the region.

Though the outside world reached out to them, the Lykovs chose to remain in their secluded sanctuary. Despite facing hardships, including the loss of family members to hunger and illness, Karp Lykov passed away in 1988, leaving his daughter Agafia as the sole survivor of their secluded lifestyle.

Today, Agafia Lykova lives alone in her isolated abode, steadfast in her commitment to solitude amidst the vast taiga. A VICE crew ventures into the wilderness to uncover Agafia’s unique way of life and explore the challenges posed by the encroaching influence of the outside world.

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