The obesity epidemic in America has reached alarming levels, with two out of every three Americans being overweight and one out of every three classified as obese. Shockingly, projections indicate that one in three Americans could have diabetes by 2050.

Minority communities have been disproportionately affected by this crisis, with African-Americans experiencing a 50 percent higher prevalence of obesity and Hispanics facing a 25 percent higher rate compared to whites.

In this documentary, journalist Josh Rushing delves into the world of cheap food available to Americans living on the margins. He investigates the limited opportunities for these individuals to access healthy food options and examines the factors contributing to the prevalence of food deserts and processed foods in American schools.

The film raises critical questions about responsibility: Who is accountable for the prevalence of food deserts, where nutritious options are scarce, and processed foods dominate? What role do schools play in shaping dietary habits, and how can we address the systemic issues that perpetuate unhealthy eating habits in marginalized communities?

Through thought-provoking exploration and analysis, this documentary sheds light on the complex factors driving America’s obesity crisis and prompts viewers to consider solutions for creating a healthier future.

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