Every week, approximately 300 smartphones are reported stolen in the Netherlands, with Amsterdam witnessing around 17 cases daily. However, many thefts likely go unreported, amplifying the issue’s scope.

Losing a smartphone means potentially forfeiting access to personal data like emails, contacts, photos, and messages. This poses a significant privacy risk, as strangers gain unrestricted access to sensitive information.

The fate of stolen smartphones varies. Some speculate they are sold for parts in Eastern European countries, while others believe they undergo unlocking and resale on the black market.

Filmmaker Anthony van der Meer’s encounter with theft prompted a revelation about smartphone security shortcomings. Despite employing anti-theft measures like the ‘Find my iPhone’ app, tracking proved futile once the thief removed the SIM card and reset the device, rendering it untraceable.

In his documentary, van der Meer experiments with an android phone equipped with the Cerberus anti-theft app, which discreetly captures location, photos, videos, and sounds remotely. Remarkably, even after resetting the phone, the app’s system persists, safeguarding user data.

Throughout the ordeal, van der Meer forms an unexpected connection with the thief, who appears to lead a solitary and devoutly religious life. However, their encounter takes a chilling turn when van der Meer confronts the perpetrator face-to-face.

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