Gaming addiction is a stark reality, as illuminated in this short film where three gamers candidly share their personal journeys into this condition, represented through avatars in true gamer fashion.

One young man recounts how gaming became his refuge from a lifetime of disparagement, culminating in his father’s celebration of his high school graduation with a monumental cake. Amidst a backdrop of feeling worthless, gaming offered him a sense of accomplishment and validation, elevating him to a feeling of uniqueness.

Similarly, a young woman reveals her initiation into gaming through her boyfriend’s influence, finding solace in the anonymity it provided and a respite from the pressure to maintain perfection. Despite sitting side by side for hours in supposed companionship, their relationship was masked by the screens that separated them.

For another young man, gaming served as an escape from a tumultuous home environment, offering him a semblance of control and solace from the chaos around him since childhood.

As their gaming addiction intensified, they gradually withdrew from real-life interactions, consumed by the allure of virtual realms. The lines between reality and the game blurred as they sought refuge in the digital world, where success felt more attainable than in their everyday lives.

However, a critical juncture forced them to confront the consequences of their addiction, compelling them to redefine their notions of success and fulfillment. It became evident that while they excelled in the game, they were losing in life, prompting a profound reassessment of their priorities and choices.

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