Embark on a fascinating exploration of objectophilia in this thought-provoking documentary, which delves into the lives of three women who experience romantic and emotional attraction towards objects rather than humans. These individuals, known as ‘objectum sexuals,’ navigate their unique relationships with structures both large and small, revealing a complex tapestry of love and connection.

Meet Naisho, an American woman whose unconventional love story includes a deep bond with the Golden Gate Bridge, a romantic attachment to a fence in her bedroom, and a marriage to the iconic Eiffel Tower. Joining her on this journey are a Swedish woman who shares her affection for a guillotine and a fence, and another American woman whose lovers include a carnival fun ride, a church fence, and the Empire State Building.

Through intimate interviews and personal anecdotes, the documentary offers a glimpse into the lives of these individuals, exploring the complexities of love, tolerance, and freedom of choice in our modern world. As we accompany them on their journey, we are invited to question societal norms and challenge conventional notions of relationships and intimacy.

Ultimately, the film serves as a poignant reflection on the diversity of human experience and a testament to the power of love in all its forms. It encourages viewers to embrace empathy and understanding as we navigate the complexities of human sexuality and identity.

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