This documentary follows the story of Scott, a 40-year-old divorced father, and his four children: Job (20), Craig (18), Heather (15), and Sam (13). Scott’s life takes a drastic turn when he is introduced to the rave scene and Ecstasy by his son Craig. Together, they immerse themselves in the drug-fueled nightlife, spending weekends dancing until dawn with Craig’s friends. Shockingly, Scott occasionally brings along his younger children, Heather and Sam, to these wild outings, prioritizing the rave scene over traditional family activities.

As the documentary unfolds, it delves into Scott’s legal troubles and the challenges he faces in maintaining custody of his children. Despite his desire to protect them, Scott’s involvement in the drug culture jeopardizes his relationship with his kids. The film explores the emotional turmoil experienced by both Scott and his children, raising questions about parental responsibility and the consequences of substance abuse.

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