In “That Sugar Film,” Damon Gameau embarks on a personal experiment to explore the impact of a high-sugar diet on his otherwise healthy body. Motivated by the impending arrival of his child and a lack of clear guidance from the medical community, Gameau takes it upon himself to investigate the effects of hidden sugars.

Transitioning from his usual diet devoid of refined sugars, Gameau adopts what is considered a typical modern “healthy” diet, consuming a staggering 160 grams or 40 teaspoons of sugar daily. Despite maintaining his usual caloric intake, the introduction of excessive sugar wreaks havoc on his body.

Throughout the film, Gameau candidly documents the adverse effects of his sugar-laden diet, revealing a startling increase in waistline, persistent fatigue, cognitive fog, and the development of fatty liver disease. His journey serves as a stark reminder of the hidden dangers lurking in everyday foods and the importance of understanding and managing sugar consumption for overall health and well-being.

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