Inspired by American novelist Jack London’s words, “Any man, who is a man, can travel alone,” twenty-four-year-old Ben Page embarked on a remarkable journey: cycling around the world. Leaving his home in England in 2014, he ventured into the unknown, ultimately finding himself in the Yukon Territory, a distant and unfamiliar destination.

Over the course of fifteen months, Ben traversed nearly 20,000 kilometers, navigating his way up the American continent to reach the Canadian Arctic. Along the way, he encountered frozen lakes, snowy forests, and towering mountains, immersing himself in the rugged beauty of the wilderness. Despite the solitude and isolation, Ben found moments of tranquility and connection with the vast expanse surrounding him.

Accompanied only by his camera, Ben delved into the grandeur of his surroundings, oscillating between solitude and loneliness. Amidst the quiet of the Arctic landscape, punctuated only by the shifting ice and his own breath, he confronted his fears and uncertainties, grappling with the challenges of the journey.

Encountering warnings of wolves and impending storms, Ben pressed on, grappling with moments of fear, hunger, and doubt. Yet, just as he reached his breaking point, a search and rescue team appeared, offering him hope and renewal.

Despite skepticism from friends back home, Ben persisted, seeking solace in the simplicity and freedom of his expedition. Despite the challenges, he found peace and contentment amidst the vast emptiness of the wilderness, describing his journey as the experience of a lifetime.

“The Frozen Road” offers a raw and candid portrayal of Ben’s journey, capturing the awe, fear, and frustration of his solitary exploration in one of the world’s last great wildernesses.

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