In the autumn of 2005, six men from various walks of life across America embarked on a unique experiment: they would stop shaving for six months, with no trimming allowed. Armed with video cameras and weekly interview questions, they documented their experiences, resulting in 600 hours of intimate footage.

As the experiment unfolded, the men shared stories from their pasts, discussed their likes and dislikes, and revealed personal fears and aspirations. Behind their growing beards, they laughed and cried, grappled with challenges, and celebrated triumphs.

The relentless filming captured both the highs and lows of their journey, highlighting individual stories against the backdrop of their shared experience. From coping with a father’s battle with Alzheimer’s to navigating financial and marital struggles, from the joys of parenthood to the complexities of life, The Winter of The Beard offers a poignant exploration of identity and resilience amidst transformation.

Directed by: Jefferson Pitcher, Mike Schwartz

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