The Nasca lines stand as one of ancient Peru’s most captivating enigmas. Across the desert landscape, thousands of geometric shapes and spirals adorn the earth, their purpose lost to time. Among the renowned figures are a spider, a condor, and a monkey, each adding to the intrigue of these ancient creations.

Etched into the desert sands, the Nasca lines are pre-Columbian geoglyphs that span a vast area, many only visible from the air. Yet, hidden between the Nasca Plateau and Palpa lies a lesser-known set of drawings discovered in the 1990s. Diverging from previous styles, these drawings, known as Estrella, boast intricate geometric precision, leading some scientists to question their authenticity.

While ground-level observation offers little clarity on the recent discoveries, aerial views, aided by advanced photographic technology, unveil complex patterns and structures. As investigations into the region persist, new findings emerge, deepening the mystery surrounding the Nasca lines.

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