Millions of children worldwide are grappling with obesity, a crisis that jeopardizes the well-being of future generations. “Way Beyond Weight,” a feature-length documentary, delves into the causes of this epidemic and explores potential solutions to liberate children from its harmful effects.

The film suggests that the rise of processed foods in the United States post-World War II likely sparked the epidemic, which has now spread globally. Traveling to various regions, including the U.S. and Brazil, the filmmakers engage with health experts, food industry representatives, researchers, and affected children to understand the multifaceted nature of obesity.

Parents bear some responsibility, either due to lack of awareness or limited access to healthy alternatives. Children are inundated with unhealthy food options, while diminishing opportunities for physical activity exacerbate the problem. Technology further compounds the issue by promoting sedentary lifestyles.

Corporations exploit children with aggressive marketing of addictive and harmful products, contributing to the obesity crisis. Larger portions and increased sugar content in foods worsen the situation.

“Way Beyond Weight” emphasizes that obesity’s consequences extend beyond physical health risks to impact children’s psychological well-being, leading to feelings of shame and isolation.

Through its comprehensive exploration of the obesity epidemic, the documentary empowers viewers with knowledge to address the issue and safeguard their children’s health.

Directed by Estela Renner, “Way Beyond Weight” offers a compelling and insightful examination of a pressing global health concern.

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