Amidst a landscape of economic turmoil, America finds itself gripped by a profound societal crisis. Politicians decry a state of fiscal bankruptcy, resorting to drastic measures such as budget cuts that jeopardize essential services like education, law enforcement, and emergency response, thereby unraveling the very fabric of our society. Concurrently, behemoth corporations like Exxon, Google, and Bank of America amass staggering profits, seemingly untouched by the economic downturn.

This documentary, “WE’RE NOT BROKE,” unveils a disturbing narrative of corporate greed and political collusion. It sheds light on how these mega-corporations, deeply entrenched in the corridors of power, maneuver to hide more than a trillion dollars in profits offshore, evading their rightful tax obligations to the United States. Against this backdrop, the film follows the journeys of seven impassioned individuals from different corners of the nation, united by their frustration and determination to hold these corporations accountable.

Their stories converge on the streets as they rally for justice, demanding that these corporate giants contribute their fair share to the nation’s coffers. “WE’RE NOT BROKE” is a compelling exploration of the injustices perpetuated by the unchecked power of corporate interests and the resilience of ordinary citizens fighting for economic equity.

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